What is McAfee ?
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-McAfee is a cybersecurity program that protect your devices such as Computers, smartphones and tablets from online threats. It analyse the threats that comes from internet and keep your device safe. It provide protection to your data and encrypt the information about the user over internet. It has It’s own database of consumers that keep them connect to the McAfee online server. It gives endpoint protection that means no one may get access to your information online and the consumer information remain safe.
Apart of home and personal users It provide protection program to company network that has multiple devices. There are more chances of online threats on multiple device network so It provide a security management to a huge network. The information over entire network remain safe and protected that also provide protection to your computer events. The company network protection protect the server of the network and multiple devices remain safe from online threats. It’s a web security program for both home and multiple device network. It provide cloud security to the network and devices. The endpoint protection is much safer way to protect your information online.
For home consumers, It comes with McAfee Total Protection which is really good for home PC and laptops. It provide protection to your phone and tablets too. It gives you access to your personlised password manager combines with multiple factor for the aunthentication. The McAfee WedAdvicer protect you from malicious or risky website. For Business, It comes with Endpoint threat protection. It protect the network from encrypted attack as well. So, It’s home or business… It’s not just a protection for the device, but also a protection for your identity and information on internet by threats online.